Spring Cleaning, it’s not what you think, well, sort of

I don’t mind Spring Cleaning, it clears the dust and the view, plus it makes the Chi very happy. ‘Cuz we all know if Chi ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

I was looking out my bedroom windows the other day and thought, man, window washing is definitely in my Spring cleaning future.

And then a bright and shiny clean light bulb went off atop my head–hey, I could write a Spring Cleaning post for the soul. I was drinking #myonegoodcup, so I already had a pen and notebook in hand, I jotted down some notes and then got ready for work.

I wrote this in my notebook on March 6th… Never. Wrote. The. Post…on March 15th I clicked a link for a post on How to Spring Clean Your Mind + Life and, of course, it was all about a mental Spring Cleaning.


But also, yay! because I stumbled upon an awesome blog and am now a fan. I also totally did a fangirl thing and wrote Sarah to tell her how much I enjoyed her blog and how I, too, was writing (ahem),rather, thinking about writing the same kind of post. She was lovely, her post is in the link.

Synchronicity. But also, PROCRASTINATION.

Here’s what I have to add:
When I was 17, I had a bad break-up. I sat around teary eyed and mopey and angsty as any 17 year old would. One day my mom said to me, “Put your sunglasses on, clean out your drawers and make room for good things.”


I actually listened to her. I know! I literally put on my sunglasses and removed all the old crap from my drawers, cleaned out space and felt much better. My mom’s smart and knew that sometimes a psychological mess could be helped by clearing out a physical one. And also, it’s pretty cool to clean things with your sunglasses on.

It’s always a good idea to get rid of the detritus of what no longer is a part of your life! Or what you wish was no longer a part of your life. It really does make room for the good stuff. Also, moms are usually right.

What do you love about Spring Cleaning? …hahahaha, no really.


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