To Do or Not To Do… ditch that! How about Ta-da!


I love lists. I create lists on my white board and in my notebook and on my iPad. Love them. Cuz, I gets to cross them off and then sees what I’ve accomplished.

Nothing wrong with to-do lists.

But, what if, instead of a to do list you created a Ta-da! list?

What would your Ta-da! list look like?

Would you add remarkable things you’ve done in your life? That would be awesome–a super reminder of how cool you are, a boost you up list.

Would you create a new Ta-da! wish list? Kind of like a bucket list but without the “before I die factor” and with the “in the next year” (five years, ten years) factor, a see good things in your future list.

Here’s ideas to get you started. Yay!

Here’s my (partial) Ta-da! boost me up list:

I’m in love, whole-heartedly

I’ve birthed three people…wow

I make people feel good about themselves

I flew in a stunt plane (will totally write about this at a later date)

I have painted our ENTIRE house, inside AND out

And my (partial) Ta-da! I see good things in my future list:

Husband and I on vaca together

One Good Cup for everyone

Work on my own terms

Help 1000 folks see fun in their lives (short term)

Trashy Women sale three times a year

I started doing a daily list, I got the idea from Millo

I end my #onegoodcup with a list of things that would make today great, and then at night I write out what cool things happened today…and then I realized I was making mini ta-da! lists. Sooo… Now I do a ta-da! list every day.



Okay, it’s your turn: What’s one cool thing you’re proud of and one cool thing you want to see in your future. We really want to know…And here’s a pretty PDF to print off and laminate!


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