Interview with an Author…An 11 Year Old Author (actually she was 10 when she wrote the book!)

Sophia Kriz is an 11 year old, gamer, zombie slayer, dog lover, softball player, who also happens to have written a book:

8 Steps to Liking Yourself

by, Sophia Kriz


I had the good luck to interview Sophia on the day of her book’s release. The rumor that she agreed to it because I’m her Great Aunt is not true, and also false…
Q: What did today feel like?
Sophia: Proud, that a lot people wanted to support me for this. Excited.

Q: What do you wish every kid knew?
Sophia: God loved them and cares for them. God loves you so much.

Q: What’s your next book?
Sophia: My next book…we haven’t decided – Lala wants to work on How to Throw a Great Party.
Q: You’re going to collaborate with Lala? (Lala, is Sophia’s great grandma, AKA Joan Kennedy–one of Those Kennedy Women!)
Sophia: Yes, she has a file started on her computer. Also, I know a lot about dogs, so I’d like to write a book about dogs.

Q: What made you decide to write this?
Sophia: We (she and her family) were at a water park and my (younger) sister was going on all the big water slides and I was going on the smaller slides and it made me feel bad. But then I was talking to my mom about steps to liking yourself. I thought: I bet a lot of kids feel this way – and who cares what other people think you are.

Q: What was the hardest part?
Sophia: Probably working on it! It was frustrating and I’d think, how can I get it done? But we did get it done, and I feel really proud.

Q: What would you tell someone, a kid or an adult, who wanted to write a book but wasn’t sure where to start or what to write about?
Sophia: Think of things you have problems with and think if people would like to hear about it, then sit down and brainstorm. (When Sophia told me this, I thought of all the times I’d heard “you teach what you need to learn,’ and here, it just came out of her mouth! So, now I’m thinking of all the things I have problems with…brainstorming will ensue!)

To order your copy of 8 Steps To Liking Yourself
Send $5.00, plus $1.00 shipping to:
Sophia Kriz
6236 Kerry Lane
Fridley, MN 55432

For every book Sophia sells, she’s donating $1.00
to the Humane Society to take care of dogs and cats.

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