A long, long, l o n g time ago I decided to start reading The Fire Starter Sessions and The Desire Map and The Happy Hour Effect while also doing the accompanying Life Map … as things like to happen to stop us from doing stuff, especially when we try to do ALL the stuff at once, ahem, they did and I stopped–reading and doing the “work” that goes along with these books.

Fast forward to a few months ago, I made a promise to finish reading The Fire Starter Sessions, okay, did that! Fast forward again to NOW. Hello stress at work! (Even my #onegoodcup wasn’t completely working). That’s when I looked around my house and saw the books and within each book a bookmark (because we don’t dog-ear pages!) about halfway through. Hm.

I had stopped right in the middle of doing the work! And I know why–it’s hard!

When I started working on different aspects of myself, whether it was: how I wanted to feel, or what to let go of, what to let in–I wasn’t just working on the manifestation of those things in my life today…oh, nonononnonono. Ha! NO. There were layers and layers of messy overgrown crap that was being unearthed and that lead to other crap (crap that I didn’t even know about, thankyouverymuch).

Those damn revelations lead to more work. *sigh*. And danger. Because, what if I wanted to change something, why, then I’D HAVE TO CHANGE SOMETHING!

I stuffed all my unmentionables in a suitcase(s) (cough* baggage *cough) without realizing that sooner or later some, seemingly, random thing will happen that’ll cause the CUSTOM AGENT of my soul/being/self to rifle through said baggage. Yeah. And all that crap I didn’t DECLARE is going to be on display for everyone. And now I’d have to deal with it on the fly (no pun intended).

So, ALL analogies aside, I’m going to start unpacking one thing at a time. I’m going to work through my Core Desired Feelings from The Desire Map first, really work on it. Then when I’m clear on that, I’ll work on my Life Map through The Happy Hour Effect. And, I’m gonna share. I figure, it’s one way to have an accountability partner! I have a friend who’s reading The Desire Map too, I’m trying to rope her into sharing as well! Yay, peer pressure!

I hope you join me on this soul journey!
What stops you from doing the “work?”

13 thoughts on “DITCHING THE LIZARD

  1. I realised earlier in the year that I am swamped by clutter – real and in my life. So, I’ve decided to stop doing certain things and have discovered that these have physical stuff associated with them that I can now get rid of. Currently there is a big bag in my office half full of paper associated with the teaching job I’ve resigned from. It feels so good to be able to throw things away, but even better that, rather than sending it to landfill or recycling, I’m going to put it in the bottom of the new raised bed in my garden to act as a carbon source… that way it will be converted into something that gives me great joy 🙂

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  2. Oh goodie, I’m not alone in trying to do too many things at once. Thank you. It’s reaffirming that I’m not struggling all on my own, but that others take on more than they should at once too. I’ve been trying to follow your #onegoodcup approach at work, and stresses there have really interfered. But my focus can’t be there anymore. It’s not making me happy like it used to. Of course I need to control my attitude and find things that make me motivated at work, but I need to really save that #onegoodcup for my own dreams. I put others first too often and miss the boat myself. I’m at a writers retreat this week with the hopes of refocusing my attention and getting back on track.

    Best of luck to you as you do the same!

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  3. I am here to hold your hand through your Soul Journey, Amy! I think your first clue was the bookmarks. lol. Only halfway read? That many, eh? Well, we definitely need to work on commitment. lol. Maybe to many? Or maybe a fear of seeing things through to the end. Whatever the reason, it’s nothing to lose sleep over. Truly, it’s not life or death we’re talking about, yes? So take a deep breathe. So many of us are overwhelmed. And then there’s that ADD attention span which quite frankly most of us have. Whether we want to own it, or not. So don’t sweat this girlfriend. 🙂

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    • Karen, yeah, definitely dealing with resistance, because I’ll be facing things…but I’ve started with my baby step #onegoodcup project. And now I have cracked open one book again and am working, S L O W L Y through it. Because, “is that the answer I want to go with?” keeps popping up–like it matters, just like you said. Still, I feel as if there is forward motion!

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