Soul Journey Series #1: Desire Map–mapping me & my desires. I’m the map!

I was going to wait to write about the Desire Map until I had gotten to the actual figuring out of my core desired feelings.

(and because, apparently, there is still some resistance showing up…and it’s taking me a freakin’ long time to do this!)

So. I’ve read the 1st part (Book One: The Theory) of Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map.

I am now at Book Two: The Workbook. You have to do the work if you want to make the change.

Now, I have been at Book Two, for a very long time as stated here. But I’m ready to do this, and still hoping a friend of mine does it with me (and joins me here). Danielle LaPorte calls the start of this section a “Soul Limber,” a warm up before we dig in. Don’t you love that? So here’s a sneak peek at a few of my answers:


i crave: freedom, time, creativity, romance, dates, long lunches, joy, passion, laughter

I need to give myself more permission to be: me–always, speak my truth dare to say things

What do I do even though I don’t want to: be reasonable, work


When in doubt: laugh

I believe in: fairies, angels, myself

What I know to be true: love trumps all, laughter can change a person’s day, creativity kills depression, friends should know where the bodies are buried


The color of joy: pink! yellow! orange!

In my  body, appreciation feels like: a warm flow from my solar plexus radiating outward.

Ecstasy lives: on the other side of letting go


When I’m feeling free and strong I tend to: make great things, do great things, lift people up

I feel vulnerable when: I’m baring my soul (like now), or when people bring up money

In crisis: I keep my head

When I’m generous, I: give of my time and energy and expertise

I stop being generous when: I have nothing to give or it’s not appreciated

My most regular waking thought: happy, followed by: are the kids okay?

There were waaayyyyy more questions, but so far I feel pretty soul-limbered, even though as I look over all my answers, I can see a pattern of happiness, but also an underlying pattern of me not always believing in myself. Looks like I have some work in front of me folks! I may as well have fun getting to the me-ist me I can, right? I’m ready for the next part:

GRATITUDE & WHAT’S NOT WORKING. What I think will be great about this, is she, not only makes you write what you’re grateful for (in specific areas of your life) you then write why you’re grateful. She makes you get super specific, which gets to the core of your gratitude.

Are you on a soul journey?

4 thoughts on “Soul Journey Series #1: Desire Map–mapping me & my desires. I’m the map!

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