Re-Mind. Also, my goals for A Round of Words in 80 Days

Small adorable child looking at my locket, opening it and seeing the words inside: Why do you have this in here?

Me: Well, I have the word “attention” because I need to pay attention.

Mother of small adorable child: You?! Really?! (said in a far too sarcastic voice!)

Hmmm. Perhaps I need to do more than cut out the word from a dictionary–settle down, I saved it and now it’s sole purpose is crafting and it’s very happy about it–maybe I need to actually pay attention, give my attention.

Some of you know I’m working my way through Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map starting with this post. And, clearly, I’m hoping for some direction, because…Map! But I need something I can start now.

I know about mindfulness and I have my #onegoodcup (nearly) every day…but even though I’m mindful most mornings, is that equating to giving and paying attention throughout the whole day? Clearly, if my desk right at this moment is any indication with my dinner, this post, my performance review all in ongoing stages, the answer is no.

Multitasking is never the answer. I know! But really, experiments have been done.

Putting everything aside, I will now concentrate on this post and only this post.

Knowing about mindfulness is not practicing mindfulness. Ouch.

I had to remind myself every day: one good cup, for about two weeks, before it became just what I did. I have to make hash marks on a piece of paper to mark my glasses of water drank, for me to ACTUALLY drink 8-10 glasses and not simply think I’m getting enough water. And draw stars on a calender to mark when I’ve flossed–no judging!

Maybe, I need to Re-Mind myself to be mindful. I like that, Re-Mind.

I almost stopped what I was doing to make myself a great big note: Re-Mind. Focus. Attention.

But I stopped myself 🙂 I’ll do it when I’ve finished this post…

Please don’t consider this multitasking, just a change of subject!

A gentle writing challenge!

A Round of Words in 80 Days

This is exactly what I need right now for me to pay attention to my writing! If you’d like to check it out and maybe join in the non-stressful and nice accountability fun, click the link above!

I’ve been “writing” this book for far too long–apparently multitasking is not efficient…or creative…or good.


  1. Brainstorm character arcs — 1 week
  2. Brainstorm rest of book — 1 week
  3. Writing: 350 words a day until 1st draft is done–do not go back and fix anything until done
  4. Editing: I’ll re-visit this as I get closer.

9 thoughts on “Re-Mind. Also, my goals for A Round of Words in 80 Days

  1. It is true that humans are habitual creature. If making hash marks and stars on calendars helps you to make habits stick, then I applaud you. I also like the simplicity of your goals. You got this, Milady!! 🙂

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  2. Hi, Amy!

    I feel badly for Small Adorable Child for having such a sarcastic (at least at that moment) parent. I also feel badly when I say something nice to a Random Small Human, and their Parental Unit makes them jump through the “say thank you to the nice lady” routine. I don’t seem to be in the majority there….

    I love that you’re here. I love this post.

    I could use Re-Minding, too…July is – well, for me, July IS. The month with All The Stuff…and I NEED to be mindful, while the waves of joy and sorrow wash over me, or slap me around. It’s the only way I’ve found to make it to the end of the month still a person I want to be, or anyone else wants to live with.

    I love having man things going at once, but, like you, I’m finding that I need deeper focus. My NaNo group has a pattern for write-ins. We write for 20 minutes, then chat for 20, then write…

    I’ve adopted that practice, and, now, I give 20 minutes to plotting, then a little palate-cleansing break, then 20 to blogging, another break – I’m doing no more than three things per day this way, and it’s really helping. me. 20 minutes seems to be long enough to get into something and make a good chunk of progress, but not so long that my restless mind darts off somewhere (usually, somewhere there’s aa Vulcan..)…

    Know how I figured out that this could work for me? By writing about it in my #onegoodcup journal, that’s how! ❤

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    • Shanjeniah, thank you, and thanks always for your comments and gentle thoughts. I love the 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off. Just so you know, though, my comment of: “…far too sarcastic voice!” was supposed to be funny. It really is okay–because I do need to learn the focus thing!

      I adore, ADORE, that you figured out it could work for you by writing about it in your #onegoodcup journal…warms my heart!

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      • I’m glad it was funny, then. I’m a little sensitive when it comes to small people…my own baggage.

        I’ve learned so much from my #onegoodcup journal! I learn so much from my #onegoodcup. At this point, I write in my Intention and #onegoodcup journal every morning, read a section of Writer Mama (a freelancer’s guide), and a bit of a book on mandala meditation…

        SO glad you shared your #onegoodcup, and that I bumped into the post! =D

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  3. Despite the circling around, your commitment to writing shows through. Setting those goals = focus. I liked the 20 min on writing and 20 min onto something else (a useful tip for those with short attention spans, like me). I read recently that blogging and editing are not writing! Oops. May the coming week be productive for those character arcs and may you soon be deep into story!

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    • Thanks Beth–I need to seperate my “normal” postings from my ROW80 ones–I always post on Mondays, so I just attached ROW80 to my regularly scheduled blog–next time it will just be ROW80.


  4. We live in a society that encourages us to multi-task. (You don’t even want to know how many windows I have open on my laptop right now!) It’s tough to just be present and in the moment. That’s definitely something I try to work on–just savoring the simple pleasures of the everyday. A walk in the sunshine. Fresh basil. Listening to a summer thunderstorm. Holding hands with my hubby. Or even just focusing on my work without being distracted.

    I like your goal of writing 350 words a day–very realistic, and those words add up quickly–and that you’re not going back to fix anything until this draft is finished. I have a habit of constantly tinkering with a story. “Oh,” I’ll think, “This story needs a cat.” So I go back and put one in. “Maybe in this scene she could say this or do this.” “Wouldn’t this bit of description fit well…” And so on. I admire your resolve to just focus on getting the story onto the page and tinkering with it later. Best of luck!

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    • Hi Denise! I hope I keep my resolve! I’m still brainstorming, but I’m feeling the itch to just write and see where it takes me–I have 200 pages of the book written (albeit rough draft) but, I’ll keep with the brainstorm until Sunday. And I know exactly what you mean! If I thought of something that was needed it would stop me in my proverbial tracks until I wrote it in…which is why I have so many half finished manuscripts!


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