De-Rutify Your Life!

Do you ever find yourself doing things because that’s the way they’ve always been done? Because that’s how you were trained (either for a job or for life). Because when you moved in, your spouse, partner, BFF already had the ugly couch in front of the window, and even though you couldn’t actually open the window with the couch in front of it–you never considered just moving the flipping couch.

We get comfortable with inefficiencies and redundancies AND we live with mediocrity BECAUSE it’s how we’ve been trained, whether by ourselves or by someone else.

We have made our lives a bad habit, one, we’re probably not aware of, which is just another way of saying:

Our life might be in a rut.

So, how the heck do you get out of a rut you don’t know you’re in? Good question. My mom–the imitable Joan Kennedy — suggests trying something small, like sitting in a different chair in the evening, then she laughs, because folks get prrretty up in arms about a different chair.

Try something new.

I know I look at my house differently when I’ve invited people over–uh, do we need this invitation taped to the frig from LAST SUMMER? Huh…look at that, there are crumbs on the back of the couch. Is there a way to look at your life in the same way? Maybe just being aware, open yourself up to questions.

How you go about your day is how you go about your life.

This is a work in progress for me. I am (trying) to add good habits in the place of same-old, same-old ruts. Exercise and meditation instead of vegging out with Netflix. I’m not perfect, sometimes I veg, but I don’t let it defeat me either, the next day it’s back to exercise… The difference between a good habit and a rut is movement–a good habit moves you forward toward a goal, a rut keeps you solidly in place.

Where do you want to be?


15 thoughts on “De-Rutify Your Life!

  1. Hi Amy,

    I like the post especially the title “De-Rutify . I like the way you wrote it and set it up, but I found the size of the font difficult to read, and also the blue type.

    Of course you don’t have many 92 going on 93 women reading “Those Kennedy Women. I may be all wrong.

    Love you., MOM

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  2. This is a great reminder for me. I’m generally someone who likes to try new ways of doing things because I really hate inefficiency, but the quest for efficiency can also lead to ruts–particularly in areas like always eating the same few things or always going about my day in the same order.

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    • It’s a balance, right Marcy? Because some efficiencies are great–I (almost always) set out my clothes for the next day, which saves so much time in the morning, so maybe some of the things you do are really good habits…I don’t know. But you do!


  3. Love this! And yes, I’m in a rut–mostly in my day job. It’s a good job, pays well, and I work with and for nice people, but… I’ve been there for eight years (forever in software development!) and it’s getting boring. RUT is exactly what it is. But what to do, I haven’t yet figured out. Thanks for getting me to think about it!

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    • That is so hard! I have a post (semi) planned about acting like an entrepreneur even when you’re not one. I just have to try a few more things out.
      And, I’m happy to make anyone–including myself–think about things!


  4. Amy, I love how you approach things. And I love the effort you’re putting toward de-rutifying your life. How many of us get into ruts? All of us! We get comfortable. Like that chair. I guess, as with anything we attempt to do, we need to give ourselves a nudge. Or more aptly a push outside of our comfort zone. Easy? Heck no. But it’s good to get a reminder every once in a while. I have you to thank for that. #derutify. Love it! 🙂

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    • Awe…thanks Karen! You know, everything I decide to write about are things I need to work on!
      I used to think:

      How can I write about something that I haven’t mastered?

      Now I know those are exactly the things I need to write about!


  5. ** How you go about your day is how you go about your life. **
    This went zinging through my soul, echoing with all kinds of other things.

    I’ve made a point, for the last year or two, of attempting to do new things on a regular basis. Sometimes it’s just adapting something I already do; sometimes it’s paradigm shifting (like adding #onegoodcup, for instance!).

    I have a built-in helper in our unschooling life. Because our intent is the embracing o passions, there’s a lot of potential for new, with two kids growing swiftly into adulthood, and more and more room for my own explorations…

    I love what you’re saying here, Amy, and that you’re giving us your present struggles. May I have the honor of reblogging this, please?

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    • I’m so glad you resonated with this! I bet your days are filled with adventure. I love your term “unschooling life,” and wish that for more folks– heck, I wish I could have done this for my older kids, my youngest is a junior this year and enmeshed in high school life!

      Of course you can re log this–thank you for wanting to!

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      • Oh, yes – there’s all manner of adventure, around here. It’s just after midnight, and the boy, almost 14, is baking a frozen pizza and chatting with his 11 year old sister during a break from delving into the Rosetta Stone Japanese program we bought him a few years back (I’m guessing a newly discovered anime may have spurred his interest. He’s just decided that Kanji is his favorite written Japanese language.

        Right now, I’ve got an avalanche of paperwork to get through, but it’s a small enough price to pay for a life that is overwhelmingly amazing, and which is filled, right now, with laughter in the kitchen.

        I asked them both, as I sometimes do, if they’d like to go to school this year. I wouldn’t want to force them….and I honestly love the ever-evolving ‘Mom just went into cyclops mode again’ expressions they give me…

        May your last school years be joyful and exciting – which, just by reading you, I’m sure is more than likely!

        I’ll be reblogging in the next day or three…I’m feeling a bit scattered, just now, with lots of plates in the air, so I can’t be more specific until I wrap up a thing of three….

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