Begin to Finish


Sometimes our starting here really means finishing there.

Starting starts with an ending of something else—I think that’s in a goofy commercial, but it’s true!

When you finish something you’re honoring the place/the creativity/the source of its beginning. I am still learning this, but understanding that I am honoring something larger than myself when I begin and finish something helps.

I am in love with the shiny—ooh, look at that shiny new idea. I no longer beat myself up over it, I simply understand it can be a motivator for abandoning projects, sometimes I try to explain to myself why I need to abandon a project:

it just wasn’t working out. I ran out of ideas. It’s too hard.

All of which mean the last one—it’s too hard. Once the shiny wears off and you have to dig deep, things get hard. Or, not easy. Because, all hard is, is simply not easy. Usually “hard” isn’t anywhere near what hard could be. Hard is trying something we’re not used to, hard is creating new pathways in our brains, hard is finishing. I realized I had to finish something before I can start something else.

If from right here and now we look at what we want, we look at our greatest possibility, and write a list of all the things we would need to accomplish to achieve that? We might start to cry.

 But, what if, we step back and think about, simply, our next level us and write down the first thing we could do? That’s not hard.

Anyone can do that, right?

What does “next level you” want to do?


9 thoughts on “Begin to Finish

  1. Oh my yes. I have to reign myself in all the time. I’m a big ideas person (say “yes”) and figure out to make it all work afterwards. LOL. That can lead to really great things, and/or a lot of stress. Sometimes it’s ok to let a few ideas go or settle for awhile in order to pursue ones that are more fit to be worked on in the present, or to learn helpful things along the way.

    I think I’ll be needing your post reminder again soon. 😉

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    • Exactly! I should have a job where I just come up with ideas, and other people implement. Well, I kind of do that now…”make it so Number One!” I love when staff come to me with challenges or need ideas for things.

      As for moi–well, I have, at least, six manuscripts in different stages…that’s just not right! But it is fun.


  2. “Usually “hard” isn’t anywhere near what hard could be. Hard is trying something we’re not used to, hard is creating new pathways in our brains, hard is finishing.” Love this Amy! Sometimes we do ourselves in before we even start. It’s too hard! When in reality, it isn’t. Right now I am just trying to finish my MS. I’ve been working on it for five years. But I’m nearing the finish. And it’s hard. Yet, I’m determined to finish it. I think we have to outsmart ourselves. Like you said. Create new pathways in our brain. I’m working on it! 🙂


  3. HARD IS SOMETHING THAT’S JUST NOT EASY! That is so helpful. Fantastic! And of course what’s hard for me might be easy for someone else, which makes me feel like it’s supposed to be easy for me. Hmmm…

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    • Ha! I think some things aren’t in our skill set, and that’s something completely different. That’s when you find the person who easily does the things that are harder for you. Which isn’t to say, we can’t get over ourselves and just dig in! Right?


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