Your Daily Allowance

Hey! Are you allowing your life to simply happen? Like not even an auto-pilot life, but more like a ricocheting life–ping-ponging around as things hit. How’s that working for you? Not too swell, right?

It sure the heck wasn’t working for me! I mean, I wanted to be moving forward, making improvements, not writing the same goals overandoverandover…and then seeing them a year later, two years later, still ungoaled…

This is one of my favorite subjects, I wrote about it here, and here, possibly here. But this is where I described how I finally stopped allowing life to happen. Most of the time 🙂

The only allowing that should be happening is:

allowing Joy*

allowing Abundance*

Allowing Freedom*

and allowing LOVE*

Plan your life, allow the awesome.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to start planning?

You know I love me some supporting oils, today’s blog is brought to you by:

Joy  and

Abundance and if you’re curious about the oils, contact me, I love to help.