Yay! You’re here…thank goodness, I’ve been waiting for you.

Practically Magic

Are you searching for something–you’re not sure what? (That sounds like song lyrics) I want to help you find your life.

I hope you join me here for fun and digging deep, which is not always fun while you’re doing it, yet immensely satisfying once you’re done…kind of like vacuuming! And just like vacuuming, it’s something that has to keep happening. But, I’ll be right there next to you.

This is a place for questioning and trying to find answers.

A place to figure out how to live a life fiercely playful, genuinely happy, and monstrously motivated.



a creative life

a brave life

a positive life

an exuberant life

a laughier life

a stylish life

a full life

an attentive life

a diy-er life

a doing life


silver ipad

Photo by Burst on Pexels.com

Oh, hey! Here’s what else I do! happiness warrior (I love to teach!)



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